Version 1.1d3

Please Note that JATS version 1.1 of the Archving and Interchange Tag Set is now available. We recommend that you use JATS 1.1 rather than this draft version.

JATS version 1.1d3 reflects the changes that the NISO Standing Committee has proposed to be made to v1.0 based on public comments. This version has not been voted on as an official revision to the NISO Standard, but is a stable release. It was released on 15 April 2015.

Only one comment was addressed by this draft version since 1.1d2 was released in December 2014.

Comment 00406: Open Access Metadata and Indicators & JATS 1.1

Standing Committee Recommendation:

The JATS SC accepts the recommendations of NISO Access License and Indicators (ALI) NISO RP-22-2015. Two new elements (<ali:free_to_read> and <ali:license_ref>) will be added to the Tag Suite and documented in the JATS Tag Libraries and the NISO standard.

  • <ali:free_to_read> (namespace This is an EMPTY element whose presence indicates that the article is free to be read. Start and end dates may be present as attributes.
    • This element will be a child of <permissions>
    • <ali:free_to_read> will be optional and repeatable, with the values differentiated by start and end attributes.
  • <ali:license_ref> (namespace This is an element intended as a pointer to a public license or waiver, this element may take content or be empty. The start date may be present as an attribute.
    • This element will be a child of <license>, as a peer with <license-p>.
    • This element will be optional and repeatable.
    • This arrangement has the result that JATS will recommend moving the URL for the license from the @xlink:href attribute of <license> to a child of <license>. However, we will leave @xlink:href as an attribute on for users who choose not to use the new ALI recommendation and for backwards compatibility.

The schemas, including versions with MathML3, and documentation specific to version 1.1d3 are available on this site.


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The Tag Library for the OASIS table model is available at

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