Milestone Attributes

Attribute list for the <milestone-start> and <milestone-end> elements


The attributes are the same for the milestone start and milestone end elements because existing common practice varies as to which element has the explanatory data and whether both elements are linked to each other or only the start to the end. If creating these from scratch for a book, where there is a choice, best practice is to place the @rationale on the start element and to link start to end and end to start.

This parameter entity is invoked by the parameter entity %milestone-start-atts; for the sake of backwards compatibility.

Content Model

<!ENTITY % milestone-atts
            "id         ID                                #IMPLIED
             rid        IDREF                             #IMPLIED
                        CDATA                             #IMPLIED
             rationale  CDATA                             #IMPLIED
                        CDATA                             #IMPLIED
             xml:lang   NMTOKEN                           #IMPLIED"  >