Display Level of a Heading

Indicates the level at which to display a section when the display level and hierarchical level are different.


As an example, in some styles, a “Clinical Finding” section or the “Methodology” section always appears as a particular level heading (for example, a level 2 head) although it exists in the document hierarchy at a different level (for example, at level 1 or 4).

Although very little usage is anticipated, this attribute can be used to record the needed display level, in the rare instances when that level differs from the actual hierarchical level.

Attribute Values

In Element

Text, numbers, or special charactersThe name or number of the level of heading to be used to display this heading instead of its regular hierarchical level. This attribute was added to preserve material that may already exist in tagged documents, so the values are likely to be specific to an individual publisher or tag set. Examples might include “2”, “head-2”, “level2”, etc.
Restriction: This is an optional attribute; there is no default.