List Content

Type of list, usually with a semantically meaningful name (for example, a “where-list” for the list of the variables that follows an equation, a “notation-list”, or a “procedure-list” for a list of procedural steps to follow).


Preserves the semantic information concerning a named type of list, for those instances where the publisher’s original Tag Set modeling uses specific named lists instead of the more generic element <list>.

Potential values for this attribute include, but are not limited to: “procedure”, “where-list” (used in equations), “synonymy”, “compound-info”, “algorithm”, “notation”, etc. For example, if a list in a publisher’s Tag Set would be tagged as <variable-list>, in this Tag Set, such a list would be tagged:

<list list-content="variable-list">

Attribute Values

In Elements

Text, numbers, or special charactersThe type of list for named list types, for example, a “where-list” for a list of the variables that frequently follows an equation, a “notation” list, or a “procedure-list” or “step-list” for a list of procedural steps to follow.
Restriction: This is an optional attribute; there is no default.