Version 1.3d2 Draft

JATS version 1.3d2 reflects the changes that have been made to v1.3d1 based on public comments. This is a DRAFT version. The current NISO Standard version is 1.2.

The change report documenting the differences between versions 1.3d1 and 1.3d2 is available in the Tag Library: NISO-JATS-1-3d1-to-1-3d2.

The schemas, including versions with MathML3, and documentation specific to version 1.3d2 are available on this site.


The Journal Publishing v1.3d2 Tag Library is available at

The Tag Library for the OASIS table model is available at

Available schemas

The models and constraints in this Tag Set are encoded in several schema languages:

All of the schema files for this Tag Set are available by anonymous FTP:

In addition, the schemas are available at the following URIs: