Array Content Model

Content model for the <array> element, which is used to contain the rows and columns that are just a block insert into the text flow. Such rows and columns are not numbered or considered a table, and are usually not captioned either.


The full table model is allowed here, because this is by design a permissive Tag Set. But in best practice, the expected content of an <array> is just a <tbody>.

Content Model

<!ENTITY % array-model  "((%access.class; | %address-link.class;)*,
                          ( (%just-base-display.class;)* |
                            %tbody.class; ),
                          (%display-back-matter.class;)* )"          >

Expanded Content Model

((alt-text | long-desc | email | ext-link | uri)*, ( (alternatives | graphic | media)* | tbody ), (attrib | permissions)* )