Rendition Markup Plus

Names a mix of the simplest of the typographic emphasis elements, as well as those for subscript and superscript, for use in models allowing data characters and this restricted mixture


Implementor’s Note: This parameter entity and the related parameter entity %just-rendition; have been put in place to restrict the amount of variability a person can achieve when modifying the Tag Set through parameter entity redefinition in the DTD. Some elements have been set as #PCDATA plus one parameter entity, while others have been set to #PCDATA plus the other, in an effort to allow designers to modify entire groups of elements, but not change similar models individually.

Content Model

<!ENTITY % rendition-plus
                        "| %emphasis.class;  | %subsup.class; |
                         %phrase-content.class;"                     >

Expanded Content Model

| bold | italic | monospace | overline | roman | sans-serif | sc | strike | underline | sub | sup | named-content | styled-content