Inside Table Wrapper Elements

The alternatives to an actual table that may occur inside a <table-wrap> element, for example, a chemical structure, a figure, or even poetry.


Typically a <table-wrap> element contains a table, which should be properly tagged with rows and columns according to the NISO JATS table model (based on and designed to be converted easily to the XHTML 1.1 table model). But sometimes, a structure that is labeled as a “table” is actually a list, two paragraphs, or some other non-tabular structure. A table may also contain rows-and-columns plus paragraphs and lists.

Content Model

<!ENTITY % inside-table-wrap
                        "%intable-para.class; | %list.class; |
                         %simple-intable-display.class;  |
                         %table.class;"                              >

Expanded Content Model

disp-quote | speech | statement | verse-group | def-list | list | alternatives | chem-struct-wrap | graphic | media | preformat | table