Keyword Authority

This attribute is used with two different definitions.
  • The most common is the name of the thesaurus, ontology, or organization that established a particular group of keywords, for example, “MESH”, “ISO-463”, “IEEE”, “author-generated”, “ICD9-codes”, etc.
  • The second usage describes the type of keyword for some of the more unusual keyword groups (for example, “hierarchical” for keywords that are grouped into a hierarchy, “abbreviations” for keywords that contain an abbreviation and its expansion, or “code” for keywords that contain a code and its text but where the source of the codes is unknown).

With the Element

Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The source of keywords. This may be an organization (such as “IEEE”) or the name of a thesaurus, subject index, or ontology (such as “MESH”).
Restriction: @kwd-group-type is an optional attribute; there is no default.


<kwd-group kwd-group-type="Inspec-class">
<compound-kwd-part content-type="code">B0260</compound-kwd-part>
<compound-kwd-part content-type="text">Optimisation