BITS Element Index


The Book Interchange Tag Suite (BITS) version 2.1 contains an XML model for STM books that is based on the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS; ANSI/NISO Z39-96-2015) version 1.3.

BITS has added material to describe STM books, book components such as chapters, and information concerning the inclusion of books and book components in book series.

The intent of the BITS is to provide a common format in which publishers and archives can exchange book content, including book parts such as chapters.

The Suite provides a set of XML schema modules that define elements and attributes for describing the textual and graphical content of books and book components as well as a package for book part interchange.



Complete documentation for the Tag Set is available in Tag Library. Each version has its own Tag Library that documents the rules and usage for that version. The Tag Library for the most recent release of this Tag Set will always be available at the following URI:

The structure and suggested usage of the Tag Library is described in the Structure of the Tag Library section.


The BITS Element Index not only defines elements and attributes within each model, but also shows comparisons and differences.

The BITS models included in this index are: BITS 0.2, BITS 1.0, BITS 2.0 and BITS 2.1. BITS is managed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the US National Library of Medicine (NLM).

BITS is not a NISO standard.