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Back Attributes



background imageuse @position

Back Matter

Back Matter, Display Element Class Elements parameter entitysee %display-back-matter.class;

Back Matter Class Elements parameter entityuse %back.class;

Back Matter Class parameter entityuse %back.class;

Back Matter Elements Module parameter entitysee %backmatter.ent;


Back Matter Model parameter entitysee %back-model;


@baseline-shift Baseline Shift

beneathsee <underline>

best practice citation taggingsee The Critical Tags for Journals

bibliographic entry, reference tosee @ref-type

bibliographic itemuse <ref>

bibliographic listuse <ref-list>

bibliographyuse <ref-list>

Bibliography References (Citation) Elements Module parameter entitysee %references.ent;

Binary Operators for MathML parameter entitysee %ISOamsb;see %ISOamsb;




Biography Attributes parameter entitysee %bio-atts;

Biography Model parameter entitysee %bio-model;see %contrib-id-model;


Block chemical structure wrappersee <chem-struct-wrap>


Block Display Class Elements parameter entitysee %block-display.class;


block formulasee <disp-formula>

Block-level Mathematical Expressions and Formulae Class Elements parameter entitysee %block-math.class;


block quoteuse <disp-quote>

block quote signaturesee <attrib>

blog entry, reference tosee @ref-type

blurbuse <abstract>


body, tablesee <tbody>

Body Attributes



Body Model parameter entitysee %body-model;

Body of the Document

Bold Attributes


book, cited examplesee Book Citations

book citationssee “Type” of Cited Work

book citations, discussionsee Cited Books

book reviewsee Tagging Book or Product Reviews

book title (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

book title in citationssee Titles in Citations


Border (Frame) around a Table (NISO JATS table model)

borders and framessee Table Formatting

Box and Line Drawing for MathML parameter entitysee %ISObox;

boxed text, reference tosee @ref-type

Boxed Text Attributes parameter entitysee %boxed-text-atts;



Boxed Text Model parameter entitysee %boxed-text-model;


Break Attributes



building numbersee <addr-line>

bulletsee @list-type

businesssee <aff>

bylinesee <attrib>see <contrib>

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