OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) Table Model Module

External module in the JATS DTD Suite that defines the OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) table model. The OASIS table model is provided as an alternative to the default NISO JATS XHTML-inspired table model.


This is a minimally modified OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) table model and is invoked from the %oasis-tablesetup.ent; module. The modifications are to remove the <caption> element and to add a namespace prefix to the OASIS CALS elements.

Implementor’s Note:By default, this Tag Set uses the NISO JATS XHTML-inspired table model, which is called by the %XHTMLtablesetup.ent; module which calls the %xhtml-table-1.mod; module to add the NISO JATS XHTML-inspired table tags to this Tag Set. If the OASIS (CALS) table model is wanted, the %JATS-oasis-namespace.ent; and the %oasis-tablesetup.ent; module and should be invoked; the table setup modules calls the %oasis-exchange.ent; module to add the OASIS table elements to this Tag Set.

Content Model

<!ENTITY % oasis-exchange.ent
"-//OASIS//DTD XML Exchange Table Model 19990315//EN"
"oasis-exchange.ent"                                                 >