Custom Metadata Group

Container element for metadata not otherwise defined in the Tag Suite.


Historical Note: This element (<custom-meta-group>) was significantly remodeled for NLM 3.0. The current NISO JATS values are backwards compatible with NLM 3.0 but not with earlier versions. Specifically, the <custom-meta-group> element replaces the <custom-meta-wrap> element, which is no longer available.

Related Elements

The element <custom-meta-group> is a grouping element that holds one or more <custom-meta> elements. Each <custom-meta> element contains a name/value pair, <meta-name> and <meta-value> respectively, which name and provide a value for a single metadata field.

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  custom-meta-group
                        %custom-meta-group-model;                    >

Expanded Content Model



<custom-meta> Custom Metadata, one or more

This element may be contained in:

<article-meta>, <front-stub>


<journal-id>BioDiv Mut</journal-id>
<journal-title>Biodiversity &amp; Mutation</journal-title>
<article-title>Black Smokers Sufrous Life</article-title>
<pub-date iso-8601-date="2009"><year>2009</year></pub-date>
<meta-value>Evolution of Biodiversity</meta-value>