The Article Authoring Tag Set optimized for authorship of new journal articles, where regularization and control of content is important, and where it is useful rather than harmful to have only one way to tag a structure. This Tag Set is more prescriptive than descriptive and includes many elements whose content must occur in a specified order.



Complete documentation for the Tag Set is available in Tag Library. Each version has its own Tag Library that documents the rules and usage for that version. The Tag Library for the most recent release of this Tag Set will always be available at the following URL:

The structure and suggested usage of the Tag Library is described in the How to Use (Read Me First) section of each Tag Library.

Available Schemas

The models and constraints in this Tag Set are encoded in several schema languages:

  • DTD,
  • RELAX NG (RNG), and
  • W3C XML Schema (XSD).

These schemas are, to the extent possible, equivalent, and there is no preference for which is used.

Please see the individual Tag Set version for links to that version's schemas.

Getting the files

All of the schema files are available by anonymous FTP:

Each schema is also available at a stable URL. Please see the indiviual Tag Set version for those URLs.


We welcome comments on the Tag Suite. If you have comments or suggestions you'd like to share with the NISO Working Group, please visit the NISO website.

JATS Discussion List

The JATS-List, hosted by Mulberry Technologies, Inc., is a mailing list for open discussion of the Journal Article Tag Suite. For more information about the list, visit