The structure of the Tag Libraries changed with the release of the Committed Draft v1.1d2 in December 2014. Frames are no longer used; each element and attribute has its own html page with a predictable (and stable) URL.

The names should be intuitive, but here is some information. Pages are divided into four subdirectories:

  • element/
  • attribute/
  • pe/
  • chapter/

The URL is built with the base URL of the Tag Library you are interested in (like plus the directory name, plus the item name.

Navigating Tag Libraries v1.1d1 and Earlier

The tag libraries allow direct access by tag name to the element, attribute, and parameter entity pages. To link to one of these pages, construct a URL with the following content, concatenated without spaces or separators:

the full URL of the top (https://.../index.html) page of the Tag Library
a "?"
a code indicating what sort of page you are seeking:
"elem" for element pages
"attr" for attribute pages
"pe" for parameter entity pages
the tag, attribute-tag, or parameter-entity-tag (that is, the version of the names that are used in the document or in other content models, not the multi-word version).

For example, to directly address the <award-group> element in the Publishing Tag Library, assemble:

That would make the complete link:

Similarly, to link to the article-type attribute in archiving:

The complete link would be:

To link to the emphasis.class parameter entity in the authoring Tag Library:

The complete link would be: