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JATS-Con XML Submission Guidelines

Presenters at JATS-Con are required to submit their complete papers to the Conference Committee on or before March 23, 2018. Submissions must be tagged in the Article Authoring Tag Set. In addition to being valid XML, submissions should comply with the following guidelines:

Copyright and License

All papers must include a notice of copyright and the following license statement:

The copyright holder grants the U.S. National Library of Medicine permission to archive and post a copy of this paper on the Journal Article Tag Suite Conference proceedings website.

Papers may also contain any other license statement addressing reuse and redistribution of the paper by parties other than the NLM. We encourage the use of Creative Commons licenses.


Tables should be tagged using the XHTML table model.


Math should be tagged using MathML.


Do not tag labels. These will be generated.


References should be tagged using <mixed-citation> and include all punctuation.

Sample Article

A fully-tagged sample XML article adhering to these guidelines is available for review here.