Version 1.1d2 (Draft)

Please Note that JATS version 1.1 of the Archving and Interchange Tag Set is now available. We recommend that you use JATS 1.1 rather than this draft version.

JATS version 1.1d2 reflects the changes that the NISO Standing Committee has proposed to be made to v1.0 based on public comments. This version has not been voted on as an official revision to the NISO Standard, but is a stable release. It was released on 9 Dec 2013.

The Standing Committee documument NISO JATS Standing Committee Recommended Changes Between NISO/JATS 1.0 and JATS 1.1 in Response to Comments to on NISO Z39.96-2012 September 2013 through October 2014, which includes details on the changes for this version, is available from the NISO site.

The schemas, including versions with MathML3, and documentation specific to version 1.1d2 are available on this site.


The Archiving v1.1d2 Tag Library is available at

The Tag Library for the OASIS table model is available at httsp://

Available schemas

The models and constraints in this Tag Set are encoded in several schema languages:

All of the schema files for this Tag Set are available by anonymous FTP:

In addition, the schemas are available at the following URIs: