Version 1.1d2 W3C XML Schema

The W3C XML Schema has been generated from the Archiving and Interchange DTD for use in XML tools that cannot read DTDs. The Schema is not intended for maintenance.

In order to mitigate problems found in testing with various processors' differing interpretations of Schema syntax, this Schema has been generated out of a flattened rendition of the Archiving and Interchange DTD. While the structural constraints on document tagging expressed by this schema are identical to those of the DTD, the DTD's modular architecture is not reflected in this schema's organization.

Getting the Files

The W3C XML Schema files are available on the anonymous FTP:

The Schema is also available at the following stable URL:

The Schema with MathML3 is available at the following stable URL:

Schema Structure

The Schema contains four modules:

  • JATS-archivearticle1.xsd
  • xlink.xsd
  • xml.xsd

In addition, a subdirectory contains a copy of MathML (see, which provides additional modules.

Each of these modules corresponds to one of the namespaces in play:

  • JATS-archivearticle1.xsd (null, default namespace)
  • xlink.xsd (xlink namespace:
  • xml.xsd (xml namespace:
  • ncbi-mathml2/mathml2.xsd (mathml namespace:

The modules import one another. For the schema to work all modules must be in the same directory.