On Behalf of

When a contributor is acting as a representative of an organization, he/she is said to have written or edited a work “on behalf of” that organization or group, and this element holds the name of the organization or group.


The contributor writing on-behalf-of may also have a separate, different affiliation. For example, a physician affiliated with Johns Hopkins Hospital writing for the National Cancer Institute would be tagged as:

  <on-behalf-of>National Cancer Institute</on-behalf-of>

and the physician’s affiliation would be tagged as usual as:

  <aff>Johns Hopkins Hospital</aff>

The <on-behalf-of> element is akin to a “role” the person is playing with respect to the organization. Thus, this element joins the related element <role> as a way to describe the particular contribution of a contributor. The <role> element will say that a person is an “Editor” or “Associate Editor”, and the <on-behalf-of> element will state that this editing was undertaken as a representative of a group or organization, typically capturing all text associated with the organization (see “for” in the example below):

    <on-behalf-of>for the Cardiac Research Group</on-behalf-of>

Conversion Note: Some Tag Sets identify what this Tag Set calls “on-behalf-of” content as a Collaborative (Group) Author or Editor <collab>. In other tag sets, the association “on-behalf-of” may be tagged as a <role> rather than as a specific <on-behalf-of>. It is therefore also acceptable (although not best practice) to tag the example as:

    <role>for the Cardiac Research Group</role>


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See discussion about <role> in Remarks.

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  on-behalf-of (#PCDATA %on-behalf-of-elements;)*           >

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Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<collab>, <contrib>, <contrib-group>


<contrib contrib-type="author">
<on-behalf-of>for the Multiple Sclerosis Collaborative
Research Group</on-behalf-of>
<role>research physiotherapist</role>
<xref ref-type="aff" rid="StLukes">