Appearance of the Underline

Style of underline to be used (for example, “single”, “double”, “dashed”).


This attribute was added to preserve this information when a publisher supplies it. The use of the attribute does not guarantee that the display will produce the formatting requested.

Used on Element: <underline>

Text, numbers, or special charactersThe style of underlining requested; for example, “double” would mean underlined by two rules, very close together.
Restriction@underline-style is an optional attribute; there is no default.


<p>In accounting, a single underline denotes a subtotal (e.g.,
<underline underline-style="single">$483.20</underline>);
a grand total is designated by a double underline (e.g.,
<underline underline-style="double">$1,294.68</underline>).</p>