State or Province

The name of a state, province, territory or other political unit used in an address. This is a lower-level subdivision than a country, but higher than a city, county, district, or parish. The names for such a unit vary geopolitically.


This element is typically part of an address or a location element such as <conf-loc> or <publisher-loc>. JATS users may choose to tag to this level of granularity or not.


Expanded Content Model



Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more

This element may be contained in:


<institution>Settles-Young Research Corporation</institution>
<addr-line>283 Hawthorne Drive</addr-line>
<addr-line>Suite 310</addr-line>
<addr-line><city>Lexington</city>, <state>KY</state> 
<phone>(859) 273-8543</phone>
<fax>(859) 299-4683</fax>