Contributor Group

Container element for one or more contributors and information about those contributors.


Inside the element <article-meta>, the <contrib-group> element groups individual contributors to a document such as authors, researchers, or photographers. Inside the element <journal-id>, the <contrib-group> element groups contributors to the whole journal, above the level of an article, such as section editors or journal editors, or special issue editors.

Contributor groups may name primary authors, editors, sponsors, translators, illustrators, etc. The members of the group are contributors who worked individually, not as a group. The @content-type attribute should be used to name the type of contributor, “authors”, “editors”, “translators”, etc.

If issue contributors (as opposed to contributors to a particular article), are part of the metadata for an article, they should be listed in a separate <contrib-group> with a @content-type attribute value such as “issue-editors”, typically inside the <journal-meta>.


content-type Type of Content
id Identifier
specific-use Specific Use

Related Elements

The element <contrib-group> is a metadata element. The <person-group> element performs a similar function of grouping individual contributors, such as authors and editors, within a bibliographic reference (<element-citation> or <mixed-citation>).

The <contrib-group> should not be confused with the element <collab>, in which individuals are not named as contributors because the contribution was made by the group as a whole, for example, a report which has a laboratory or department as the official author.

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  contrib-group
                        %contrib-group-model;                        >

Expanded Content Model

(contrib+, (address | aff | aff-alternatives | author-comment | bio | email | ext-link | on-behalf-of | role | uri | xref)*)


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<article-meta>, <collab>, <front-stub>, <journal-meta>, <sec-meta>, <supplement>


<article-id pub-id-type="pmid">...</article-id>
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<given-names>Anne Williams</given-names>
<role>research physiotherapist</role>
<xref ref-type="aff" rid="StLukes"/>
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<given-names>John G.</given-names></name>
<role>consultant physician</role>
<xref ref-type="aff" rid="RoyalInf"/>
<author-comment><p>on behalf of the Day Hospital
<aff id="StLukes">Department of Health Care
for the Elderly, St Luke&#x2019;s Hospital, Bradford BD5
<aff id="RoyalInf">Academic Section
of Geriatric Medicine, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow
G4 0SF</aff>
<pub-date pub-type="pub" iso-8601-date="1999-03-27">