Name of Person

Container element for the component elements of personal names, such as a <surname>.


Related Essay: For a discussion on the use of <name>, see Personal Names in Citations.

Best Practice: If the name parts are unknown or untagged, the whole name can be placed

Use of a <string-name> or <surname> element is more likely to lead to better search results than merely leaving the person’s name untagged. (See <string-name> for additional detail.)


content-type Type of Content
name-style Name Style
specific-use Specific Use
xml:lang Language

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  name         ( ( (surname, given-names?) | given-names),
                          prefix?, suffix?)                          >

Expanded Content Model

(((surname, given-names?) | given-names), prefix?, suffix?)


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<contrib>, <element-citation>, <mixed-citation>, <name-alternatives>, <person-group>, <principal-award-recipient>, <principal-investigator>, <product>, <related-article>, <related-object>

Example 1

In an element-style bibliographic reference (punctuation and spacing removed):

<element-citation publication-type="journal" publication-format="print">
<name><surname>Llanos De La Torre Quiralte</surname>
<name><surname>Garijo Ayestaran</surname>
<name><surname>Poch Olive</surname>
<article-title xml:lang="es">Evolucion de la mortalidad
infantil de La Rioja (1980-1998)</article-title>
<trans-title xml:lang="en">Evolution of the infant
mortality rate in la Rioja in Spain
<source>An Esp Pediatr</source>
<year iso-8601-date="2001-11">2001</year>
<comment>Figura 3, Tendencia de mortalidad infantil
[Figure 3, Trends in infant mortality]; p. 418.

Example 2

<article-title>Systematic review of day hospital
care for elderly people</article-title>
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<given-names>Anne Williams</given-names>
<role>research physiotherapist</role>
<aff id="StLukes">Department of Health Care
for the Elderly, St Luke&#x2019;s Hospital, Bradford BD5
<aff id="RoyalInf">
Academic Section of Geriatric Medicine, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow
G4 0SF</aff>
<copyright-statement>Copyright &#x00A9; 1999, British
Medical Journal</copyright-statement>
<copyright-holder>British Medical Journal</copyright-holder>
<p>To examine the effectiveness of day hospital attendance
in prolonging independent living for elderly people.</p>