Type of Index

Names the specific indexes in which an index term (<index-term>) should be used, for example, “author”, “subject”, “chemical”.

Used on Element: <index-term>

One or more wordsA word naming the index, or a series of words each representing a specific index.
Restriction@index-type is an optional attribute; there is no default.

Example 1

<p>However, the First Amendment does not bar the 
issuance or execution of a warrant to search a newsroom
<index-term index-type="subject"><term>Newspapers</term>
<see-also>Speech and press</see-also></index-term> to obtain 
photographs of demonstrators who had injured several policemen, 
although the Court appeared to suggest ...</p>

Example 2

<p>Fu attribuito prevalentemente ad 
Aristotele<index-term index-type="person" id="idx108">
</index-term>, anche se l&rsquo;origine avicenniana era 
tramandata dalle sottoscrizioni di parecchi manoscritti e nota a commentatori 
come ad esempio Adamo di Bockenfield<index-term index-type="person" id="idx903">
>Adamo di Bockenfield</term>
<see-also><index-term><term>Adam de Bocfeld</term>
<see-also><index-term><term>Adam Bockenfield</term>