Volume Number

Number of a journal (or other document) within a series.


In JATS journal articles, the volume number element (<volume>) is used both inside the article metadata and inside citations:
  • Inside the article metadata (<article-meta>), the ordinals for a volume number must be placed inside the <volume> element.
  • Inside citations (<mixed-citation> or <element-citation>), a volume number with ordinals can be:
    • inside the volume number: <volume>1<sup>st</sup><volume> or
    • outside the volume number inside the text of a mixed citation: <volume>1<volume><sup>st</sup>.
Related Essay: For a discussion on the use of <volume>, see Ordinal Numbers.

Related Elements

The related <volume-id> element is used to record an identifier, such as a DOI, that describes an entire volume of a journal or series.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  volume       (#PCDATA %volume-elements;)*                 >

Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | email | ext-link | uri | inline-supplementary-material | related-article | related-object | hr | bold | fixed-case | italic | monospace | overline | overline-start | overline-end | roman | sans-serif | sc | strike | underline | underline-start | underline-end | ruby | alternatives | inline-graphic | inline-media | private-char | chem-struct | inline-formula | tex-math | mml:math | abbrev | index-term | index-term-range-end | milestone-end | milestone-start | named-content | styled-content | fn | target | xref | sub | sup | x)*


This element may be contained in:

Example 1

In article metadata:
<isbn content-type="conf-proc">978-0-7354-1164-7</isbn>
<fpage seq="1">113</fpage>
<pub-date publication-format="print" date-type="pub" iso-8601-date="1999-03-27">
<date date-type="accepted" iso-8601-date="1999-01-29">

Example 2

In an element-style bibliographic reference (punctuation and spacing removed):
<ref id="B8"><label>8</label>
<article-title>Effects and costs of day-care services
for the chronically ill: a randomized experiment</article-title>
<source>Medical Care</source>
<year iso-8601-date="1980">1980</year>
<pub-id pub-id-type="pmid">6772889</pub-id>

Example 3

In a mixed-style bibliographic reference (punctuation and spacing preserved):
<ref id="B8">
<article-title>Effects and costs of day-care services
for the chronically ill: a randomized experiment</article-title>.
<source>Medical Care</source> <year iso-8601-date="1980">1980</year>;
<volume>18</volume>: <fpage>567</fpage>&ndash;<lpage>584</lpage>.
<pub-id pub-id-type="pmid">6772889</pub-id>.