Biographical data concerning a contributor or the description of a collaboration.


In print publications, the biographical text associated with an article may not appear with the article metadata, which is typically displayed at the top or beginning of the article. For example, the biography may appear at the end of the article, in a sidebar, or collected with other biographies in a separate section of the publication. Biographies may be as short as a few words (tagged as a <p>) or as long as a section with internal subsections.
Usage: The XLink linking attribute @xlink:href may be used to point to a picture of the contributor, to a more complete vita, to his/her website, etc.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  bio          %bio-model;                                  >

Expanded Content Model

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This element may be contained in:

Example 1

Section-style <bio> with headed sections:
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<p>One of the most well-known Surgeons General of the
United States (1982-1989), C. Everett Koop&rsquo;s illustrious
career encompasses more than 35 years ...</p>
<p>Following his graduation from Dartmouth College (B.A.,
1937), Koop received his M.D. degree ...</p>
<title>Medical Practice</title>
<p>Following his training, Koop joined the staff of
Children&rsquo;s Hospital of Philadelphia as a pediatric
surgeon; in 1946 he became ...</p>
<title>Government Office</title>
<p>Koop became Surgeon General in January 1982.  During
his tenure, he was a strong advocate on public health issues
such as the rights of the disabled, smoking, and ...</p>
<p>The same year as his appointment, controversy arose
involving the treatment of a disabled newborn ...</p>

Example 2

Simple two-paragraph <bio>:
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<role>Designed electronic devices and protocols</role>
<aff>School of Electronic Engineering, University of Finlandia</aff>
<p><bold>Anne Forster</bold> is the current editor of
the <italic>OASIS Microwave Journal</italic>, responsible
for Technical Committee and Developments. She received
her BE and PhD in electrical engineering from the
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
Currently, she is professor in the School of
Electronic Engineering at the University of
Finlandia, where she holds the chair in Microwave
<p>She is a member of the technical program committee
for the International Microwave Symposium and a member
of the editorial board for the <italic>Mulberry
Transactions on Microwave Theory and Technique</italic>.
she has organized many workshops and taught many
short courses on microwave signal integrity and
wireless and RF design.</p>
<contrib contrib-type="author">...</contrib>