Title Group

Container element to hold the various titles for a document or a document component.


Best Practice: A footnote or other reference inside a title should usually be placed within the title tag, but such footnotes may be placed into a footnote group (<fn-group>) at the end of the <title-group>, if that is the way the footnotes have been placed in the original tagging of the article.


id Document Internal Identifier
xml:base Base

Related Elements

There are several elements concerned with the title of an article, all contained within the container element <title-group> in the article metadata:

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  title-group  %title-group-model;                          >

Expanded Content Model

(article-title, subtitle*, trans-title-group*, alt-title*, fn-group?)


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<article-meta>, <front-stub>


<article dtd-version="1.1d1">
<journal-id journal-id-type="pmc">BMJ</journal-id>
<journal-id journal-id-type="publisher">BR MED J</journal-id>
<publisher-name>British Medical Journal</publisher-name>
<article-id pub-id-type="pmid">10092260</article-id>
<article-title>Systematic review of day hospital
care for elderly people</article-title>
<aff id="StLukes">...</aff>
<pub-date publication-format="print" date-type="pub" iso-8601-date="1999-03-27">