<author-comment> Author Comment

Textual material associated with a contributor.


A typical author comment might explain, for example, some facts about the circumstances under which a contributor wrote the article material. Such remarks are typically added by the publisher, so this element will rarely be used in Authoring.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  author-comment
                        %author-comment-model;                       >
Expanded Content Model

(title?, (p)+)

Tagged Samples
Related material description
 <contrib contrib-type="editor">
   <given-names>Thomas D.</given-names></name>
   <p>This essay constitutes the second article in the
    &#x201C;Genome Annotation Series&#x201D; initiated by
    Thomas D. Pollard, Essay Editor. The first essay, by
    J.S. Berg, B.C. Powell, and R.E. Cheney, appeared in
    the April 2001 issue of <italic>Molecular Biology of the
    Cell</italic> (Vol. 12, Issue 4, pp 780&#x2013;794).</p>
 <contrib contrib-type="author">
  <aff>Cell Biology and Metabolism Branch, National Institute
   of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes
   of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, 20892</aff>
Instead of an affiliation
<contrib contrib-type="author">
  <given-names>Alison Claire</given-names>
  <p>Independent scholar</p>
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