<custom-meta> Custom Metadata

Wrapper element for a single piece of metadata not otherwise defined in the Tag Suite.


The element <custom-meta> is used only inside <processing-meta>. The element allows for an infinite variety of name/value pairs, with few constraints on the length or content of the value. Like its grand-parent <processing-meta>, this element will be very rarely used in documents tagged to the JATS Authoring model.
Related Elements
The element <custom-meta-group> is a grouping element that holds one or more <custom-meta> elements. Each <custom-meta> element contains a name/value pair, <meta-name> and <meta-value> respectively, which name and provide a value for a single metadata field.

Base Attributes


Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  custom-meta  %custom-meta-model;                          >
Expanded Content Model

(meta-name, meta-value)

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