Award Identifier

Unique identifier assigned to an award, contract, or grant.


Note that this is a real-world identifier, not an XML ID.
External Identifier: This element holds an external identifier, assigned to a contract, grant, stipend, or other award by the awarding agency. The contents of this element should not be confused with the @id attribute, which holds an internal document identifier that can be used by software to preform a simple link.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  award-id     (#PCDATA %award-id-elements;)*               >

Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | bold | fixed-case | italic | monospace | overline | roman | sans-serif | sc | strike | underline | ruby | alternatives | inline-graphic | private-char | chem-struct | inline-formula | abbrev | milestone-end | milestone-start | named-content | styled-content | sub | sup)*


This element may be contained in:


<funding-source id="gs1">National Institutes of Health</funding-source>
<funding-source id="gs2">National Science Foundation</funding-source>