NLM Citation

This element is deprecated; avoid using it. Use <element-citation>.


id Document Internal Identifier
publication-format Format of Publication
publication-type Type of Referenced Publication
publisher-type Type of Publisher
specific-use Specific Use
xlink:actuate Actuating the Link
xlink:href Href (Linking Mechanism)
xlink:role Role of the Link
xlink:show Showing the Link
xlink:title Title of the Link
xlink:type Type of Link
xmlns:xlink XLink Namespace Declaration
xml:base Base
xml:lang Language

Related Elements

There are three kinds of citations in this Tag Set:

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  nlm-citation
                        ((person-group | collab)*,
                         (article-title | trans-title)*,
                         source?, patent?, trans-source?, year?,
                         ((month?, day?, time-stamp?) | season?),
                         access-date?, volume?, edition?,
                         conf-name?, conf-date?, conf-loc?,
                         (issue | supplement)*, publisher-loc?,
                         publisher-name?, (fpage?, lpage?)*,
                         page-count?, series?, comment*, pub-id*,
                         annotation?)                                >


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<citation-alternatives>, <license-p>, <p>, <ref>, <td>, <th>, <title>


<nlm-citation publication-type="journal">
<article-title>Electrogastrographic study of patients with 
unexplained nausea, bloating and vomiting</article-title>
<year iso-8601-date="1980-08">1980</year>