Sequence of two or more items, which may or may not be ordered.


The @list-type attribute specifies whether there should be a prefix preceding each item and determines the prefix type (such as bullet or number). The @prefix-word attribute can be used to prepend a word such as “Step”, “Method”, or “Procedure” to a list item, in addition to, typically, a number (thus “Step 1.”).


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  list         %list-model;                                 >

Expanded Content Model

(title?, (list-item)+)


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:


<p>Day hospital care seems to be an effective service ...</p>
<boxed-text position="float">
<title>Key messages</title>
<list list-type="bullet">
<p>The benefits of geriatric day hospital care have been
controversial for many years.</p>
<p>This systematic review of 12 randomised trials comparing
a variety of day hospitals with a range of alternative services 
found no overall advantage for day hospital care.</p>
<p>Day hospitals had a possible advantage over no comprehensive 
care in terms of death or poor outcome, disability, and use of
<p>The costs of day hospital care may be partly offset by
a reduced use of hospital beds and institutional care among