Publication Identifier for a Cited Publication

Identifier of a publication in a bibliographic reference or product description.


External Identifier: This element holds an external identifier, typically assigned to a publication a publisher or archive. The contents of this element should not be confused with the @id attribute, which holds an internal document identifier that can be used by software to preform a simple link.
Type Attribute: The @pub-id-type attribute is used either to identify the type of identifier, or to name the authority, organization, or system that defined this identifier, for example, identifying a DOI, PubMed Central identifier, Coden, the publisher’s identifier, etc. (See @pub-id-type for values.)


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  pub-id       (#PCDATA)                                    >


Text, numbers, or special characters

This element may be contained in:

Example 1

In an element-style bibliographic reference (punctuation and spacing removed):
<ref id="B8">
<person-group person-group-type="author">
<article-title>Effects and costs of day-care
services for the chronically ill: a randomized
<source>Medical Care</source>
<year iso-8601-date="1980">1980</year>
<pub-id pub-id-type="pmid">6772889</pub-id>

Example 2

In a mixed-style bibliographic reference (punctuation and spacing preserved):
<ref id="B8">
<article-title>Effects and costs of day-care
services for the chronically ill: a randomized
<source>Medical Care</source>
<year iso-8601-date="1980">1980</year>;
<pub-id pub-id-type="pmid">6772889</pub-id>.