Type of Referenced Publication

Category of publication being cited (for example, “book”, “letter”, “review”, “journal”, “patent”, “report”, “standard”, “data”, “working-paper”).


The @publication-type, @publisher-type, and @publication-format attributes replace the @citation-type attribute of prior versions, which provided no clear way to distinguish these different notions.

Used on Elements: <element-citation>, <mixed-citation>, <nlm-citation>

Text, numbers, or special charactersThe type of publication, for example, “book”, “journal” (for a journal article), “patent”, or “data” (for a dataset, database, spreadsheet, et al.).
Restriction@publication-type is an optional attribute; there is no default.

Example 1

Citation for a book:
<element-citation publication-type="book"
publication-format="videocassette" publisher-type="gov">
<source>Making maps in the brain</source>
<publisher-loc>Bethesda (MD)</publisher-loc>

Example 2

Data in figshare, referenced through a DOI:
<mixed-citation publication-type="data">Di Stefano B, Collombet S, 
Graf T. <source>Figshare</source> <ext-link ext-link-type="uri" 
(<year iso-8601-date="2014">2014</year>).</mixed-citation>