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Object Identifier

Object Identifier

Object Identifier Attributes parameter entitysee %object-id-atts;

Object Identifier Type


object typesee @object-id-type

@object-type Object Type

obsolete termsee @term-status

<on-behalf-of> On Behalf of

On Behalf of Attributes


On Behalf of Content Elements parameter entitysee %on-behalf-of-elements;


on-leave (contributor is on sabbatical or other leave of absence.)see @fn-type

online datesee @date-type

online location identifiersee <elocation-id>

online versionsee <self-uri>

ontologysee @vocab

op citsee Abbreviated Citations

open accesssee <license>

<open-access> Open Access

Open Access Attributes


open access fee informationsee <funding-group>


Open Access Model parameter entitysee %open-access-model;

ORCIDsee <contrib-id>see @contrib-id-type

ordersee <named-content>

orderedsee @list-type

ordered listsee <list>

ordinals in citationssee Tagging Ordinal Numbers

Ordinary Symbols for MathML parameter entitysee %ISOamso;

organizationsee <aff>

organizational addresssee <address>

organizational authorsee <collab>

organization namesee <collab>see <institution>

@orientation Orientation

originationsee <source>

other information, concerning an authorsee <author-comment>


outlinesee <abstract>

outside flowsee <boxed-text>

<overline> Overline


Overline Start Attributes

owner, copyrightuse <copyright-holder>

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