Journal Identifier

Short code or abbreviation used as an identifier for a journal.


External Identifier: The <journal-id> element holds an external identifier, typically assigned to a journal by a publisher, archive, or library to provide a unique identifier for the journal. The contents of this element should not be confused with the @id attribute, which holds an internal document identifier that can be used by software to preform a simple link inside the document.
There may be more than one such identifier, with the type of identifier named by the @journal-id-type attribute. For example, one identifier may be a registered DOI, another a control number assigned by the publisher, and another the journal abbreviation assigned by PubMed Central.
Best Practice: This element should not be confused with or used for the <issn> or <isbn> information, which are individual elements in this Tag Set.

Related Elements

Remember that <issn>, <isbn>, and <issn-l> are separate concepts and should not be confused.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  journal-id   (#PCDATA)                                    >


Text, numbers, or special characters

This element may be contained in:


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