Paragraph-Level Elements

Elements that may be used at the same structural level as a Paragraph (<p>), for example, inside a section.


Design Note: There is a major overlap between this parameter entity and that for the elements that may occur inside a paragraph (%p-elements;). Inline elements appear only inside a paragraph, while block elements, such as quotes and lists, may appear either within a paragraph or at the same level as a paragraph. This serves a requirement in a repository tag set, since some incoming material will have restricted such elements to only inside a paragraph, some incoming material will have restricted them to only outside a paragraph, and others may allow them in both places. Thus, the Tag Set must allow for them to be in either or both locations.


<!ENTITY % para-level   "%block-display.class; | %block-math.class; |
                         %list.class; |
                         %nothing-but-para.class; | 
                         %rest-of-para.class;"                       >

Expanded Model

boxed-text | chem-struct-wrap | code | fig | graphic | media | preformat | supplementary-material | table-wrap | disp-formula | disp-formula-group | def-list | list | p | disp-quote | speech | statement | verse-group