colnum Column Number (OASIS Table Model)

The identifying number of a specific column in a table, i.e., a simple counting number


The official OASIS Exchange (CALS) Table Model documentation can be found at
OPTIONAL on element: <oasis:colspec>
Value Meaning Behavior
A number The number of a specific column, for example, “1” or “4 The @colnum identifies the specific column to the processing system.
Restriction @colnum is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

Column numbers

<oasis:table frame="all">
<oasis:tgroup cols="7">
<oasis:colspec colnum="1" colname="col1" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="2" colname="col2" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="3" colname="col3" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="4" colname="col4" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="5" colname="col5" align="center" colsep="1" colwidth="2"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="6" colname="col6" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="7" colname="col7" align="char" charoff="30" char="."/>
<oasis:thead valign="middle">...</oasis:thead>
<oasis:tbody valign="middle">...</oasis:tbody>