Getting Started

This “Tag Library” documents the OASIS (CALS) Table Exchange table model, as modified by the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS). This document describes all the elements and attributes that can be used to tag OASIS tables and provides tagging advice and examples.
This Tag Library document includes:
Getting Started is the first chapter in the Tag Library, and it contains the following sections:
How to move around the Tag Library pages, using the Navigation Bar (Navbar), Navbar collapse and expand arrows, page collapse/expand diamonds, and the search facility.
Structure of Tag Library
Describes the sections of the Tag Library and what can be found in each and how to use the Tag Library to get started learning the tag set.
Introduction to JATS Namespaced OASIS Open Exchange (CALS) Table Model
Provides basic information about the OASIS (CALS) Table Exchange table model and how JATS has been set up to accept the OASIS Open Exchange CALS table model in addition to or instead of the XHTML table model used by default.
Root Element
Names the <oasis:table> element as the root of this XML schema.
Hierarchy Diagram
Tree-like graphical representation of the <oasis:table> element. This provides a fast, visual way to determine the structure of an OASIS table and its components.
Subsidiary sections:


Structure of the Tag Library

Introduction to OASIS Open Exchange (CALS) Table Model

Root Element

OASIS Table Model Hierarchy Diagram