colsep Column Separator (OASIS Table Model)

Indicates whether a rule be placed to the right of a column


The official OASIS Exchange (CALS) Table Model documentation can be found at
OPTIONAL on many elements; click for list and usage
Value Meaning Behavior
0 or 1 (Any value other than 0 is equivalent to 1.) This value is the resolution of the %yesorno; Parameter Entity. Preferred values are “0” and “1”. A processing system should interpret this attribute value as “no column separator” when the value is “0”, and “use column separator” when the value is “1” (or any other value).
Restriction Typically assumed from style specification but may inherit from <oasis:table>.
Tagged Sample

Table with vertical rules between columns

<oasis:table frame="all">
<oasis:tgroup cols="7">
<oasis:colspec colnum="1" colname="col1" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="2" colname="col2" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="3" colname="col3" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="4" colname="col4" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="5" colname="col5" align="center" colsep="1" colwidth="2"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="6" colname="col6" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="7" colname="col7" align="char" charoff="30" char="."/>
<oasis:thead valign="middle">...</oasis:thead>
<oasis:tbody valign="middle">...</oasis:tbody>