%otbody.qname; Table Body Element Name

Holds the name for the <oasis:tbody> element in JATS-modified OASIS (CALS) tables


Implementor’s Note

QName parameter entities are set up to include the OASIS prefix, by default “oasis”. Following the practice of MathML, DocBook, etc., JATS uses a parameter entity named “xyz.qname” to define the qualified name for each OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) table model element. These parameter entities all contain an “o” in front of them (“otable.qname”, “otgroup.qname”) because the XHTML table model also uses a QName parameter entity naming convention. The “o” is used for the NISO JATS entities to avoid parameter entity name clashes.
<!ENTITY % otbody.qname  "%oasis.pfx;tbody"                          >
Expanded Declaration