Introduction to Parameter Entities

This section describes each Parameter Entity in the OASIS (CALS) Table Exchange table model. (Note: The table modules come from external sources and are not maintained with JATS; see the documentation provided by the authority responsible for the OASIS table model.)
A parameter entity is an XML syntactic construct that allows a name to be given to a collection of elements, attributes, or attribute values so that they can be referred to by name rather than have their members listed every time they are used. For example, the name %tbl.table.att; stands for all the attributes which may be associated with the <oasis:table> element.

Parameter Entity Pages

The parameter entities are described here in alphabetical order of their XML names (i.e., parameter entity type names). The XML name is the shorter machine-readable name used in XML vocabularies and by software; for example, the XML name %tbl.entry.mdl; is used for the parameter entity named Table Entry Model (OASIS Table Model). Parameter entity names always begin with a percent sign and end with a semi-colon.
Each parameter entity is described by a separate HTML page, where the heading for the page displays the parameter entity’s XML name followed by a more descriptive name. The rest of the parameter entity description page discusses aspects of the parameter entity and its usage. These sections within the page always appear in the following order although any given parameter entity description may not contain all the sections:
Description (untitled)
This section provides a narrative description of the parameter entity, describing what it contains, what it does, or why and when it has been used.
For some parameter entities, this section provides additional useful information about the parameter entity or its usage.
Implementor’s Notes are instructions written to persons creating or maintaining DTDs or schemas based on JATS, including instructions for adding the OASIS (CALS) table model.
Contains a copy of the parameter entity’s declaration in XML syntax, i.e., the “content” of the parameter entity. This may contain embedded parameters entities, of the form “%name;”.
Expanded Declaration
Contains a copy of the parameter entity’s declaration in XML syntax, i.e., the “content” of the parameter entity with all embedded parameter entities expanded to their ultimate values.