Introduction to OASIS Open Exchange (CALS) Table Model

The Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) and the tag sets made from the Suite elements use the XHTML table model by default. If an archive or publisher would prefer the OASIS (CALS) table model, instead of or in addition to the XHTML table, the Suite has been set up to accept the OASIS Open Exchange (CALS) table model (XML version).
Many JATS users prefer the XHTML-based table model because it is easy to use in web-based and other electronic publications. However, other users prefer the OASIS/CALS table model because they have tools that require this model or because they believe that it is easier to format complex print tables using it.
The Archiving and Publishing Tag Sets are available with either:
  • a table model based on the XHTML table model, or
  • both the XHTML and OASIS/CALS table models.
(The Authoring Tag Set allows only the XHTML table model.)
This Tag Library describes how to integrate the OASIS Table model with JATS modules and describes the elements and attributes that make up the OASIS restricted version of the OASIS (CALS) table model.