Product Information

Container element for the metadata concerning one product (for example, a book, software package, website, or hardware component) discussed in an article.


Related Essay: One major use for this element is to hold the metadata about a product that is being reviewed. For a discussion on the use of <product> in Reviews, see Tagging Book or Product Reviews.

Best Practice: This element should be used when the value of the @article-type attribute on the element <article> is “book-review” or “product-review”.

A review of a book, journal, website, etc., should include as much information about the item being reviewed as is practical, for example, the running time of a film or the number of pages in a book (both of which would be tagged as <size>). See the tagged example below for more element uses.

Historical Note: This element (<product>) was significantly remodeled for NLM 3.0. The current NISO JATS values are backwards compatible with NLM 3.0 but not with earlier versions. Specifically, in prior versions the <product> element was allowed to contain the <page-count> element, now replaced by the <size> element.


id Identifier
product-type Type of Product
specific-use Specific Use
xlink:actuate Actuating the Link
xlink:href Href (Linking Mechanism)
xlink:role Role of the Link
xlink:show Showing the Link
xlink:title Title of the Link
xlink:type Type of Link
xmlns:xlink XLink Namespace Declaration
xml:lang Language

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  product      (#PCDATA %product-elements;)*                >

Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | inline-supplementary-material | related-article | related-object | break | bold | italic | monospace | overline | roman | sans-serif | sc | strike | underline | alternatives | inline-graphic | private-char | chem-struct | inline-formula | abbrev | milestone-end | milestone-start | named-content | styled-content | price | annotation | article-title | chapter-title | collab | collab-alternatives | comment | conf-date | conf-loc | conf-name | conf-sponsor | date | date-in-citation | day | edition | email | elocation-id | etal | ext-link | fpage | gov | institution | isbn | issn | issn-l | issue | issue-id | issue-part | issue-title | lpage | month | name | name-alternatives | object-id | page-range | part-title | patent | person-group | pub-id | publisher-loc | publisher-name | role | season | series | size | source | std | string-name | supplement | trans-source | trans-title | uri | volume | volume-id | volume-series | year | fn | target | xref | sub | sup)*


Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<article-meta>, <front-stub>, <note>


<given-names>Deborah A.</given-names>
<given-names>B. Tommie</given-names>
<source>Wildflowers of the Washington Area</source>
<year iso-8601-date="2002">2002</year>
<publisher-name>Lippman, Ltd.</publisher-name>
<publisher-loc>Bethesda, MD</publisher-loc>
<isbn>0-23-8675-309</isbn>, includes a CD-ROM,
<price>$19.95</price> (Used 12.50 when available)
<date date-type="accepted" iso-8601-date="1999-01-29">