Version 1.1d2 Change Report

This 1.1d2 version of the JATS Archiving Tag Set includes the changes recommended by the NISO JATS Standing Committee in response to public comments concerning JATS Committee Draft Version 1.1d1 received through the end of October 2014. The committee recommendations are documented in NISO JATS Standing Committee Recommendations in Response to Comments on NISO Z39.96-2012 through October 2014, available from NISO.
Non-backwards Compatible Change: The model for the Ruby element (<ruby>) has changed between versions 1.1d1 and 1.1d2. The intent of the JATS Standing Committee is to follow the lead of the W3C HTML5 specification in how to model Ruby. HTML5 changed between the two drafts of JATS, and the JATS Standing Committee chose to follow the new HTML5 model, even though it was not the same and not backwards compatible with JATS Version 1.1d1. In the new model for <ruby>, only a single Ruby textual annotation (<rt>) is allowed on a given Ruby base (<rb>). The previous model allowed multiple annotations to cover a single Ruby base.
In this Tag Set, the use of ruby parenthesis (<rp>) to separate the Ruby base from the textual annotation is forbidden.