ISSN-L (Linking ISSN)

An ISSN designated by an ISSN Centre to group together the different media versions of a work. Since a single ISSN-L is assigned no matter how many media formats of a work there are, the ISSN-L can be used to link among the different media versions of the work or continuing resource, for example, both the printed and online versions of the work.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  issn-l       (#PCDATA %issn-l-elements;)*                 >

Expanded Content Model



Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more

This element may be contained in:


<journal-id journal-id-type="pmc">pnas</journal-id>
<journal-id journal-id-type="pubmed">Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A</journal-id>
<journal-id journal-id-type="publisher">PNAS</journal-id>
<issn publication-format="print">0027-8424</issn>
<issn publication-format="electronic">1091-6490</issn>
<publisher-name>The National Academy of Sciences</publisher-name>