Inline Elements

Names the inline elements used inside the NISO JATS table <caption> element.


This NISO JATS table model modifies the usual XHMTL 1.1 table model for inline elements used within the <caption> element, by setting the value to the empty string (null). The <caption> element has been redefined by NISO JATS and placed inside the table wrapper element (<table-wrap>, rather than inside the table element (<table>) as was the case in the XHTML 1.1 table model.
The NISO JATS table model parameter entity is used in the same way as the equivalent parameter entity in the XHTML 1.1 table model. Since this parameter entity was named in the same way as the XHTML 1.1 Tag Set equivalent, it does not follow the naming conventions for this Tag Set: it is in mixed (not lower) case, and the separator character is a period (not a hyphen).


<!ENTITY % Inline.mix  ""                                            >