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radio show name (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

rapid communicationsee @article-type

@rationale Rationale




RDF-asee JATS and Linked Data

reaction, chemistrysee <chem-struct>

reading listuse <ref-list>

received datesee @date-type


Recipient Names Class parameter entitysee %recipient-name.class;

recognition, acknowledgment ofsee <ack>

recommended readinguse <ref-list>

recto headsee <alt-title>






referencesee <xref>

Reference (Citation) Count Attributes

reference, bibliographicsee <ref>see @ref-type

reference, glyphsee <glyph-ref>

Reference Attributes parameter entitysee %ref-atts;

reference charactersee @symbol

Reference Count

Reference Elements (Bibliographic Citation) Class Elements parameter entitysee %references.class;

reference identifiersee @id

Reference Item

Reference Item Attributes parameter entitysee %ref-atts;

Reference Item Model parameter entitysee %ref-model;

Reference List (Bibliographic)

Reference List Attributes parameter entitysee %ref-list-atts;

Reference List Model parameter entitysee %ref-list-model;

reference lists citing datasee Citing Data

referencessee <back>use <ref-list>

references, taggingsee Tagging References



reference to a licensesee <ali:license_ref>

Reference to an Identifier

reference typeuse @ref-type

refers-to-documentsee <related-article>








registration datesee @date-type

registration of trialssee Links to Clinical Trials


related articleuse <related-article>see @issuesee @journal-idsee @vol

Related Article Attributes parameter entitysee %related-article-atts;




Related Article Elements parameter entitysee %related-article-elements;

Related Article Information

Related Article Links Class Elements parameter entitysee %related-article.class;



related objectsee @link-type

Related Object Attributes parameter entitysee %related-object-atts;


Related Object Element parameter entitysee %related-object.ent;


Related Object Elements parameter entitysee %related-object-elements;


Related Object Information

related object languagesee @hreflang

Relations for MathML parameter entitysee %ISOamsr;

releasesee <edition>

Rendition Markup Plus parameter entitysee %rendition-plus;


replysee <response>see @article-type

reply to a lettersee Tagging Letters and Replies

reportsee @article-typesee @publication-type

report, governmentsee <gov>

representation used for mathuse @math-representation

reprint (method or place to obtain reprints, typically the name and address of a person from whom reprints can be requested)see @fn-type

reprint informationsee <permissions>

research-articlesee @article-type

research-assistantuse <role>

ResearcherIDsee <contrib-id>see @contrib-id-type


Resolution of the Glyph Bitmap

<resource-group> Resource Group

Resource Group Attributes


%resource-group-model; Resource Group Model




Resource Identifier

Resource Identifier Attributes

Resource Identifier Model

Resource Identifier Type


<resource-name> Resource Name

Resource Name Attributes



Resource Name Model

resources, contribution tosee <role>

@resource-type Resource Type

<resource-wrap> Resource Wrap


%resource-wrap-model; Resource Wrap Model

Resource Wrapper Attributes

responsesee <front-stub>see Tagging Letters and Replies

<response> Response

Response Attributes parameter entitysee %response-atts;


response to a questionuse <answer>



Rest of Paragraph Class Elements (Minus Paragraph) parameter entitysee %rest-of-para.class;


Restricted by Attributes


%restricted-by-elements; Restricted-by Elements

Restricted-by Model

restrictionssee <license>

resubmittedsee @date-type

resultssee @sec-type

retracted datesee @date-type

retractionsee @article-type

reuse permissionssee <license>

reviewsee <article>see <product>

review, author ofsee @contrib-type

review and editing, contribution tosee <role>

review-articlesee @article-type

reviewed datesee @date-type

review for book, product, softwaresee @article-type

revised datesee @date-type

revised-proofsee <article-version>


right headsee <alt-title>

RINsee <institution-id>

Ringgoldsee <institution-id>


Role Attributes parameter entitysee %role-atts;



Role Elements parameter entitysee %role-elements;

role of a group of people named in a citationsee @person-group-type

Role of the Link

Role or Function Title of Contributor

<roman> Roman

Roman Attributes


roman ordersee @list-type

rowuse <tr>see @rowspansee @rules

row rulesee @rules

row separatorsee @rules


Row Span (NISO JATS table model)





Ruby Annotation Wrapper

Ruby Attributes


Ruby Base Attributes

Ruby Base Elements

Ruby Base Text


Ruby Textual Annotation

Ruby Textual Annotation Attributes

Ruby Textual Annotation Elements

Ruby Wrapper Model

rulesee <hr>

rulessee Table Formatting


Rules (NISO JATS table model)


running timesee <size>

running titlesee <alt-title>

Russian Cyrillic for MathML parameter entitysee %ISOcyr1;

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