seq Sequence

Sequence number of a document within the type of sequence named by the element to which this attribute is attached: on a <volume> element, the sequence within the volume; on an <issue> element, the sequence within the issue; on an <fpage> element, the sequence within a single page; and on an <elocation-id> element, the electronic sequence.


For journals (such as continuous-makeup journals) where more than one article can start on a single page, this attribute can record a sequence number or letter to differentiate one article from the other articles on the same page. For example, the first article to start on page 62 might be given a sequence of “62a”; the sequence letter would be “a”, with a sequence letter “b” for a second article, etc.
OPTIONAL on many elements; click for list and usage
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The number of the document in a sequence of documents within a volume, issue, electronic compilation, or even on the same page. For example, for continuous-makeup journals that start more than one article on the same page, this attribute indicates a sequence number or letter for one of the articles, such as “a”, “b”, “c”; or “1”, “2”, “3”. For example, a value of “2” could mean “554-2”, page 554, second article.
Restriction @seq is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Samples
Within the article metadata
 <fpage seq="1">1</fpage>
 <supplementary-material mime-subtype="zip" mimetype="application"
Within a citation
  <mixed-citation publication-type="journal" publication-format="print">
   <article-title>Erratum: Generic substitution of antiepileptic drugs: 
   What's a clinician to do?</article-title> <source>Neurol Clin Pract</source>. 
   <year iso-8601-date="2014">2014</year>;<volume>4</volume>(<issue>1</issue>):
   <fpage seq="1">4</fpage>. PubMed: PMID <pub-id pub-id-type="pmid">29542887</pub-id>
  <mixed-citation publication-type="journal" publication-format="print">
   <article-title>Erratum: Multiple sclerosis: Five new things</article-title>. 
   <source>Neurol Clin Pract</source>. <year iso-8601-date="2014">2014</year>;
   <volume>4</volume>(<issue>1</issue>):<fpage seq="2">4</fpage>. PubMed: PMID 
   <pub-id pub-id-type="pmid">29473619</pub-id></mixed-citation>