<issue-title> Issue Title

Theme or special title for a journal issue.
Related Elements
In the metadata for most articles, there is a single issue number (<issue>) and a single volume number (<volume>) that describe where the article was published. These elements are located directly inside <article-meta>. However, some articles are published in more than one issue or in an issue that has more than one issue number. For these rare cases, a grouping element (<issue-title-group>) has been added, which associates issue title metadata (such as the issue title and subtitle) for a single issue. The element is repeatable to gather the issue title metadata for multiple issues.
There is also a larger-scale grouping element (<volume-issue-group>) to handle the rare cases where an article has been published as part of more than one volume/issue pair. This element keeps related volume and issue information together, and is allowed to repeat to describe multiple volume/issues.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  issue-title  (#PCDATA %issue-title-elements;)*            >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Samples
In <article-meta>
  <article-title>Designing information-abundant web sites: issues and
  <contrib contrib-type="author">
 <pub-date iso-8601-date="1997">
 <issue-title>World Wide Web Usability</issue-title>
In <issue-title-group>
 <issue-title xml:lang="en">The Poutine</issue-title>
 <issue-subtitle xml:lang="en">A Tasty Dish</issue-subtitle>

 <trans-title-group xml:lang="fr">
  <trans-title>La poutine</trans-title>
  <trans-subtitle>un met savories</trans-subtitle>

 <trans-title-group xml:lang="pt">
  <trans-subtitle>Um Prato amoroso</trans-subtitle>
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